Staff Information
Name:Dr. G. Ravi Kiran Gorti
Date of joining ICAR:06.10.1997
Date of joining NIANP:06.10.1997
Designation:Principal Scientist
Qualification:M.V.Sc & PhD
Research Interest:Livestock Production Management
Important Publications:
  • Ravi Kiran Gorti, Suresh K P, K T Sampath, K Giridhar and S Anandan. Modeling and forecasting livestock and fish feed resources: requirement and availability in India. Published by NIANP
  • Dairy Bovine Production. Dr N S R Sastry, C K Thomas and G Ravi Kiran. Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi
  • Ravi Kiran G, C.G.David and I.J.Reddy.(2008).Role of male effect to advance breeding season and induce estrus in mandya ews. Indian Veterinary Journal. July: 85:739-741
  • K.P.Suresh, G. Ravi kiran, K.Giridhar and K.T.Sampath (2012). Modeling and forecasting livestock feed resources in India using climate variables. Accepted for publication in Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 25(4):462-470
  • Reddy IJ, David CG Selvaraju S Ravi Kiran G and Mondal S. 2012. Changes in GnRH and plasma LH concentration, steroid hormones, intersequence pause days and egg production in domestic hen exposed to different wavelengths of light during the later stages of production in domestic hen (Gallous domesticus). Tropical Animal Health and Production, 44: 1311-1317

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