Foundation Day - 2023

Dr Ashok Dalwai, IAS former CEO National Rainfed Area Authority, Govt. of India and Chairman of Empowered body for Doubling the Farmers Income, Govt. of India was the Chief Guest of the 28th Foundation Day of ICAR‐NIANP on the 24th of November 2023.Dr.Dalwai's emphasis on the quantitative production of feed and fodder highlights the critical role it plays in India's dairy industry. Despite being the leading milk producer globally, the scarcity of quality feed‐both in terms of green fodder and concentrate‐poses a significant challenge. His suggestion to explore growing perennial grasses for livestock feeding is a promising solution, especially considering the depletion of common grazing areas. Dr.Dalwai's proposal to establish Pashu Vigyan Kendra to support livestock farmers emphasizes the need for dedicated centers addressing their challenges and disseminating knowledge and resources.

Dr. NH Kelawala,Hon. Vice Chancellor of Kamdhenu University, Gandhinagar, Gujaratcommendation of the institute for focusing on farmer-centric technologies like Harit Dhara, aimed at methane mitigation from ruminants, highlights the commitment to environmentally conscious practices in livestock farming. Methane mitigation is crucial for reducing the ecological footprint of animal agriculture.Dr. K C Veeranna, Hon. Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries University, Bidar, offered congratulations and appreciation to the Director and staff on the 28th Foundation Day, acknowledging their contributions and efforts in advancing livestock research and development.

Earlier, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, ICAR-NIANP, briefed about the progress, infrastructure development, scientific achievements and activities of the Institute and attributed its success to the collective efforts of scientists and other categories of staff.

Two technology brochures on 'Reprovardhak' (for oestrus induction+ synchronization) and Cryodil (egg-yolk free semen extender) were released.

On this occasion, some of the entrepreneurs with whom MoUs had been signed for the commercialization of technologies, which the NIANP had developed, were felicitated.

Besides the staff members, former Directors Dr KT Sampath, Dr CS Prasad, Director of NBAIR, Bangalore Dr SN Sushil, Director of NIVEDI, Bangalore Dr BR Gulati, President of WVPA (I), Dr Jeetendra Verma, Immediate past president of KVAFSU, Dr Sushant Rai and many retired staff of NIANP, attended the function.

Foundation Day - 2022

The National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bengaluru celebrated its 27th Foundation Day on 29th Dec. 2022. In a function organized on this occasion, Dr. Jagmohan Sharma, IFS, Director General, Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), Govt. of Karnataka, Chief Guest, lauded the contributions of NIANP in the field of research in animal nutrition, animal physiology and bioenergetics and environment. Addressing the gathering, he said that agricultural and animal science research were as important as space science, which can play a big role in increasing the income of the farmers and contribute to economical development of the nation. He also thanked the scientific community in these areas, whose efforts have contributed in making the nation one of abundance in food production where the country is in a position to export our products to even developed countries. Cautioning the scientists about the environmental impact the production and productivity cause, he said that our aim should be towards maintaining the ecological balance while continuing to increase productivity. He also pointed towards importance of conserving national resources and giving importance to native breeds of animals, which are resilient to climate changes and making them as productive as hybrid breeds.

Dr. S.S.Honnappagol, former Vice-Chancellor, KVAFSU, Bidar and former Animal Husbandry Commissioner, Govt. of India and the Guest of Honour, speaking on the occasion, recalled his long association with the NIANP and expressed his happiness over the progress the Institute has made since its establishment and hoped that the Institute will sustain its path of progress and development in the cause of farmers, livestock owners, feed industry and would carry out appropriate research activities in the backdrop of climate change issues. He emphasised that the Institute should involve in training the farmers and translate our research to the field level.

Earlier, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director of the Institute made a brief presentation of the progress, scientific achievements and activities of the Institute and attributed its success to the collective efforts of scientists and other categories of staff.

On this occasion, some of the entrepreneurs with whom MoUs had been signed for commercialization of technologies, which the NIANP had developed, were felicitated. To encourage the performance of staff members and support good work culture, some of the staff members and contract workers were given away monetary Awards, based on the performance of work and conduct during the year.

Besides the staff members, former Director and many retired staff of NIANP, the event was attended by the Directors of ICAR Institutes and Heads of Regional Stations located in Bengaluru.

NIANP, Bengaluru bags prestigious "Sardar Patel Outstanding Institution Award"

The National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (NIANP), Bengaluru, a unit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has been awarded “Sardar Patel Outstanding Institution Award” for the year 2021, during the 94th ICAR Foundation Day of ICAR, held at New Delhi on 16th July 2022.

At a glittering ceremony held at A.P.Shinde Hall at New Delhi, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director of ICAR-NIANP received the Award from the Hon’ble Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Shri Parshottam Rupala, Hon’ble Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Shri Kailash Choudhary, Hon’ble Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and Dr Ramesh Chand, Member, NITI Ayog, and Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary to Govt. of India (DARE) & Director General, ICAR and other senior officers of ICAR.

The recipient of the Award, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, NIANP expressed his happiness over receiving the Award for the second time in a decade. On this occasion, briefly stating about the activities of NIANP, Dr. Bhatta said that the NIANP established in 1995, is one of the premier Animal Science Research Institutes of ICAR. The NIANP is mandated to carry out research on fundamental and basic principles of physiology and nutrition of animals to improve productivity, better nutrient utilization and livestock management of large and small ruminants among other species. Dr. Bhatta further said that the NIANP is collaborating with a number of research organizations at national and international levels. The NIANP with many innovations has been reaching out to the farmers, and field-level officers involved in animal husbandry development programmes. The NIANP has trained a large number of farmers and veterinarians also, who have benefited with knowledge-enhancement in livestock rearing and management. Many of its research outputs and technologies have been commercialized and many entrepreneurs and feed industry have adopted the same. The NIANP, having established state of the art laboratory facilities is in the forefront in animal nutrition and physiology related research in the country, Dr. Bhatta added. The scientists of the Institute have been bestowed with many other prestigious awards for their work in the past.

MoS for Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Kum Shobha Karadlaje inaugurates facilities at ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru

Kum Shobha Karandlaje, Hon’ble MoS for Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare inaugurated the ‘Farmers-cum-Students Hostel’ and ‘Community Hall’ at ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (ICAR-NIANP), Bengaluru on 11th June 2022, in the august presence of Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, the Secretary, DARE, Government of India, and the Director General, ICAR, New Delhi.

During her address, the MoS reiterated the significance of livestock on livelihood security vis a vis rural economy and given the analogy: ‘Crop and livestock are two eyes of human being’; close coordination between the two departments will help in the development and rural prosperity. She applauded the green campus of NIANP in the heart of Bengaluru city. Complimenting the achievements of ICAR-NIANP on emerging challenges of livestock sector, she urged the scientist for technology transfer, greater coordination with state livestock and allied departments, capacity development of veterinary professionals to fulfil the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister to India in doubling the farmers’ income.

In his address, Dr T Mohaptra, DG ICAR highlighted the ICAR-NIANP’s achievements in making it as an ‘Institute of Relevance’ on several emerging fronts. He applauded the entire team of ICAR-NIANP for developing required infrastructure facilities, creating state-of-the-art research facilities on climate change, publishing research articles in high impact journals, playing critical roles in doubling farmers income, diversifying research on emerging challenges of livestock sector, and creation of BSL-II facility CLAR, for the evaluation of biofortified varieties released by the ICAR institutes. As ICAR is working on Prime Minister’s vision to eradicate hidden hunger and malnutrition by releasing biofortified varieties, their evaluation using laboratory animals at ICAR-NIANP will further strengthen the research projects on biofortification.

Earlier, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director of ICAR-NIANP, delivered the welcome speech and highlighted the institute vision, activities, achievements, publication, patents, commercialized technologies etc.

On this occasion, a ‘Buffalo Bull Fertility Diagnostic Chip SpermXFert’, oral feed supplement for addressing transportation stress ‘Herbal TransCare’ and a bilingual (Hindi and Kannada) publication on ‘Farmer Friendly Technologies’ were released.

The event was attended by Dr Rajendra Prasad, Vice Chancellor, UAS (B), Dr Bhaskar (ADG) ICAR, Dr Sudha Mysore, CEO, AgrInnovate, the Directors and Heads of Bengaluru based ICAR institutes, and regional stations, Chief Engineer, CPWD Mr SN Rai, former Director and staffs of ICAR-NIANP, Engineers from CPWD.

Foundation Day - 2021

ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru Celebrated 26th Foundation Day

The ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bengaluru, celebrated its 26th Foundation Day on 24th November 2021. Dr Rameshwar Singh, the honorable Vice Chancellor, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna, graced the celebration as Chief Guest. Dr Jagadeesh Bayry, former Director Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM), Paris, and currently Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad was the Guest of Honor.

Dr Raghavendra Bhatta, Director of the Institute, made a presentation onthe development of the Institute over the last 26 years and highlighted important milestones that Institute has achieved. He also expressed his earnest gratitude and appreciation to all the existing and retired staff including formers directors and well-wishers of the Institute for their significant contributions towards the development of ICAR-NIANP.

On this occasion, the Foundation Day Lecture ‘Cellular and Antibody Immunotherapy’ was delivered by the Guest of Honor of the function Dr Jagadeesh Bayry. He discussed in detail the different approaches of cellular- and antibody-mediated immunotherapy and their applications in different spheres of biomedical sciences.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest of the function Dr Rameshwar Singh, lauded the contributions of the Institute towards improving the animal productivity of the country. He appreciated the efforts of the current and former staff for transforming the Institute as a center of excellence. He also mentioned about the field oriented practical problems of the farmers in ensuring proper nutritional status of animals and requested that the Institute should initiate efforts to address those issues.

On this occasion, to appreciate and recognize the contributions of staff, various awards were presented to the scientists, students, non-scientific personnel, and children of the staff. The Silver Jubilee Publication of the Institute ‘Farmer Friendly Technologies’ was also released by the dignitaries during the celebration.

Foundation Day - 2020

ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru Celebrated 25th Foundation Day

ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bengaluru celebrated Silver Jubilee Foundation Day on 24th November 2020. Dr Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, in a small function, presented Institutional awards for the employees and special recognition to the employees and workers, who contributed to the Institute functioning during the Covid19 pandemic lockdown.

A special webinar that was presided over by Dr Trilochan Mohaparta, Secretary DARE and Director General ICAR, in the presence of Dr B N Tripathi, Deputy Director General AS) and Dr AK Tyagi, Assistant Director General (A&P) was organized online. Dr Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, NIANP made a brief presentation about the growth and development of the Institute.

DDG (AS) in his address complimented the Institute for its excellent work, advised to further work on feed resources and tackling the challenges of livestock reproduction under field conditions.

While congratulating NIANP for his great achievements in terms of the technology, product and patents, DG, ICAR advised for acceleration in translation of research findings into viable technologies and for setting up ‘global benchmark in research’. He further added that the Centre for Laboratory Animal Research (CLAR) facility at NIANP should be recognized as accredited centre for bioavailability studies in the country. He emphasized the need to take-up research work new Frontier areas such as ‘Nutrigenomics’ and to strengthen the capacity building programme using digital platform.

On this occasion, the Foundation Day Lecture was delivered by Prof Rattan Lal, Recipient of The World Food Prize 2020, a Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science and Director, Carbon Management and Sequestration Centre, The Ohio State University. Columbus, USA. Prof Lal addressed the gathering on the topic Integrating Livestock with Crops and Trees for Climate-Smart Agriculture in India”. He highlighted the significance of integrated approach to sustain animal agricultural in India and pointed out that the country’s richest animal genetic resources provide the opportunity for future production sustenance. Prof. Lal stressed the importance of reducing non-productive animals in the country and suggested that the research efforts should be oriented in meeting the requirement with a smaller number of productive animals. Further, he emphasised that efforts must be made to stop the burning of crop residues. He highlighted the importance of enriching the fertility of soil and opined that this is a crucial measure to feed the largest livestock population in the country. He suggested that whatever we take it from the soil must go back to the soil and he related it with livestock production by urging the application of dung as manure to enrich the fertility of the soil so that more crops can be cultivated as fodder for livestock. He emphasized that this could be a useful approach for effective carbon sequestration and efficient measure for improving the soil quality. In addition, Prof Lal has signified the role of plant breeders to identify climate resilient plant varieties to ensure sustainable animal agriculture. He also urged the importance of efficient use of water resources and stressed that only optimum water requirement is necessary for agriculture rather than over flooding the agricultural land which predominantly gets wasted. Finally, he highlighted the importance of policy development for sustaining animal agriculture through integrated approach involving, soil, crop and animal component.

The online webinar was also attended by Dr K Pradhan former VC, Dr ML Madan former DDG and VC, Dr Krishna Kumar former DDG, Dr H Rahman, former DDG, Dr Saseendranath, VC, KVASU, Dr Kusumakar Sharma, Dr BS Prakash, former ADGs, Founder Director of NIANP Dr Khub Singh, former Directors of NIANP Dr KT Sampath, Dr CS Prasad, Dr Bhaskar, ADG (AAFCC), directors of animal science Institutes Dr Arun Tomar, CSWRI, Dr SB Barbuddhe, NRC Meat, Dr RK Mathur IIOPR, Former Directors Dr Abraham Verghese, Dr Chandish Ballal, Dr Hegde, Prof. Eva Schlecht, and Prof A. Buerkert from University of Gottingen & Kassel, Germany, Dr Vinicius Fonseca from Brazil, Directors and Heads of various Bengaluru based ICAR Institutes, Students and Faculty from KVASU, Kerala and RIVER, Pondicherry.

Two-Days National Workshop Concluded at ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru-2020

A Two-Days National Workshop on 'Enteric Methane Emission in India: Estimation, Amelioration and Technology Adoption' was organized on 12-13th March 2020 at ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Adugodi, Bengaluru. The National Workshop was organized under the ICAR sponsored project on 'Estimation of methane emission under different feeding systems and development of mitigation strategies'. Dr K. Pradhan, Former Vice Chancellor, OUAT, Bhubaneswar was the chief guest during the inauguration function of the workshop. Dr Khub Singh, Former Director, ICAR-NIANP and Dr A. K. Tyagi, ADG (AN & P) graced the occasion as Guests of Honour. Dr Raghavendra Bhatta, Project Coordinator & Director presented the state-wise enteric methane emission from Indian livestock. Dr A. K. Tyagi emphasized on the importance on developing the farmers’ friendly enteric methane ameliorative measures for different regions. Dr Khub Singh stressed upon the collaborative research among the research institutes and universities to address the objectives of the project. Dr K. Pradhan appreciated the efforts of researchers in developing methane ameliorative strategies and stressed upon the multi location trials for the validation of products/technologies. Dr K. T. Sampath and Dr C.S. Prasad, Former Directors chaired the technical sessions during the workshop. About 40 participants including principal and co investigators from the participating institutes, other ICAR institute, Universities attended the workshop and made the presentation in thematic areas. Dr PK Malik, Dr V Sejian and Dr Atul P Kolte coordinated the workshop.

World Veterinary Poultry Association (India) Conference 2020 held at ICAR-NIANP

The World Veterinary Poultry Association (India) has organized its first annual conference at ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bengaluru on 28th Feb 2020. The theme of the national conference was Advances in Poultry Science for One Health. Total 279 delegates from the research institutes, universities, poultry industry and students attended this conference. Prof. S. Abdul Rahman, Executive Director and Past President Commonwealth Veterinary Association was the chief guest of the inaugural function and in his address, he highlighted the importance of anti-microbial resistance, zoonotic diseases, climate change and animal welfare in the present scenario. The Chairman of the organizing committee and Director of the ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta welcomed the delegates. In his address, mentioned that ICAR-NIANP is celebrating its Silver Jubilee Celebration during 2020. During this year, a series of programme have been planned and this conference is one of them. He also highlighted the achievements of the institute during the last 25 years in some of the niche areas of research such as in-vovo nutrition in poultry, climate change, stem cell research, embryo sexing, male and female reproduction in addition to many farmer friendly technologies developed and commercialized. Dr. Jitendra Verma, the President of the WVPA (I) gave a brief about the genesis of the association and its future. Dr. Shirish Nigam, the Secretary of the WVPA (I), felicitated the guests and gave an overview about the activities of the WVPA (I). Few global and several national experts have attended this conference to deliberate on the following sub themes: Poultry breeding and genetics, Biotic and abiotic stress and welfare, Gut health, feed additives and management, Disease surveillance and biosecurity, Emerging diseases of poultry and flock health, Autogenous & Recombinant vaccinology and Developments in poultry products technology. As a part of Science day celebration, a poster session was also held and best three posters were selected, and student awardees were felicitated during the function. Dr. V. Sejian was the Organizing Secretary of the WVPA (I) conference.

Silver Jubilee Year of ICAR-NIANP - 2020

During the Silver Jubilee Year of ICAR-NIANP, Bangalore the state of the art “Centre for Laboratory Animal Studies and Centre for Climate Resilient Animal Adaptation Studies” were inaugurated by the Hon’ble Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary DARE and the DG, ICAR on 5th Feb 2020. The DDG (AS) Dr. BN Tripathi and DDG (Fy.) Dr. JK Jena graced the occasion. The Centre for Laboratory Animal Studies (BSL II) built with a cost of about seven crores, has the capacity for housing about 7000 lab animals such as rat, mice, rabbit and hamsters. These will be used for the investigations on bioavailability of nutrients, stem cell biology, stress models and for breeding and supply of laboratory animals to other organizations. Built with an estimated cost of about two crores, the “Centre for Climate Resilient Animal Adaptation Studies” has twenty-four micro-climatic controlled chambers, with 12 for thermo-neutral zone and 12 for heating/cooling. These chambers will be used for the quantification of epigenetic changes associated with climate change in small ruminants, pathway analysis study for heat stress etc. On the same day Hon. DG also inaugurated the Indo-Australian International workshop on “Transfer of mitigation technologies for heat stress in farm animals”. This function was attended by all NIANP staffs in addition to 30 participants from all over India and heads of all ICAR institutes at Bangalore. Four delegates from University of Melbourne, Australia were also participating in the workshop. During the inauguration, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director of the institute gave an overview about the Indo-Australian workshop.

Foundation Day - 2019

The “ICAR-National institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology” celebrated the “Foundation Day” on successful completion of 24 years since its inception.

Farmers' Conclave-2018

The ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology in collaboration with all the ICAR institutes located in Bengaluru organized the "Farmers' Conclave" on 16 and 17 February 2018. The mega event was coordinated by Dr Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, ICAR- National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore. The two-day conclave was attended by more than 2000 farmers, and delegates from different ICAR Institutes and KVKs located in Karnataka. Honourable Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Shri DV Sadananda Gowda, Union Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Chemicals and Fertilizers, Shri Ananth Kumar, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR, Dr Trilochan Mohapatra and DDG (Agricultural Extension), ICAR, Dr AK Singh attended the inaugural function of the event and graced the occasion. Director General, ICAR, Dr Trilochan Mohapatra after welcoming the Hon. dignitaries highlighted the contributions of various ICAR institutes in Karnataka. Shri Radha Mohan Singh in his address urged that encouraging the young generation towards agricultural activities and increasing the farmers’ income from small holdings are the major challenges of the Indian agricultural sector at present. He also mentioned that although the task is herculean, but it is not impossible if the technocrats, bureaucrats and politicians work together dedicatedly towards the targeted goal. Addressing the gathering, Shri Anant Kumar Hegde and Shri Ananth Kumar mentioned that water is a scarce resource in Karnataka and therefore, appropriate policies are required to be implemented at the earliest to introduce and popularise profitable dry land agricultural practices in the State.

A series of publications, CDs from different Institutes and two products - Harit Dhara, an anti-methanogenic feed supplement and a special bull mineral mixture developed by ICAR- NIANP, Bangalore were released during the occasion. During the Conclave 50 exhibitions stalls were setup by the ICAR Institutes and KVKs to display various technologies and products related to agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries. Scientists-Farmers interactive meets on different aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry were also held on both days of the Conclave.

7th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference (PCVC7)

The ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (ICAR-NIANP) hosted the 7th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference (PCVC7) from 03-07 March, 2019 on the theme “The Role of Veterinarians in Addressing the Global Challenges to the Lives of Our Pets, Livestock, Wildlife, Humans and Our Environment”. The conference was jointly organized by the Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA), ICAR-NIANP, Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU), Karnataka Veterinary Association (KVA) and Pet Practitioners Association of Karnataka. Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conferences are organized by CVA once in 4 years. Earlier conferences have been held in Harare, Zimbabwe (1991), Bangalore, India (1998), Wellington, New Zealand (2003), Barbados West Indies (2007), Accra, Ghana (2011) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2015).

The conference was inaugurated by the chief guest of the inaugural session Dr Mark Schipp, Chief Veterinary Officer Australia and President World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). He elaborated the objectives and activities of OIE for improving animal health worldwide. The other dignitaries of the inaugural session were Dr Peter Thornber, President CVA; Dr HD Narayanswamy, honourable Vice Chancellor of KVAFSU; Dr Suresh S Honnappagol, Animal Husbandry Commissioner, DADF, Govt. of India; Dr Abdul Rahman, India Executive Director and Former President CVA; Dr Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, ICAR-NIANP; and Prof. S Yathiraj, Regional Representative, Asian Region, CVA. Addressing the delegates Dr Peter Thornber mentioned that in this year, CVA is celebrating 52 years in extending its voluntary support and assistance to the veterinarians throughout the commonwealth at the grass-roots level. He also expressed his profound gratitude to the organizers for their vision and dedication in putting together for organizing this exciting mega scientific event. The conference was attended by more than 700 delegates including 50 overseas delegates from 38 different countries. The delegates consisted of the members and councillors of CVA, invited speakers from India and abroad and, academicians, students and policy makers from the different Indian institutions, organizations and associations. The main sessions of the conference included the areas of Companion Animal Medicine; Climate Change; Integrative Veterinary Medicine; Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics; Livestock and Poultry Health and Production; Veterinary Education; Control of Rabies One Health Initiative, Antimicrobial Resistance; Woman and Sustainable Livestock Production; Epidemiology and Public Health; and Wildlife Medicine. Additionally, the conference also focussed on three companion animal workshops on veterinary dentistry, cardiology and orthopaedics with renowned resource persons such as Dr Phillip Moses from Australia, Dr Ruhnau Jens from Denmark, Prof Sydney Moise, USA and Prof James Flanders, USA. Two dedicated workshops were also organized on Animal Welfare Research and Working Equines.

The PCVC7 provided an outstanding platform to the delegates for sharing, exchanging and gathering the current knowledge and future opportunities in the different fields of veterinary and allied sciences.

Foundation Day - 2018

The “ICAR-National institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology” celebrated the “Foundation Day” on 1st December, 2018, on successful completion of 23 years since its inception.

Visit of Dr. T. Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE), Govt. of India and Director General, ICAR

International Training Programme

Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture visited ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru on 02 Feb, 2015


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